The Team

The Team is a unique combination of medical, epidemiological and statistical expertise, and several team members have ongoing research activities in relevant areas of pharmacoepidemiology, cancer epidemiology, cancer modelling, cancer genomics and advanced biostatistics and machine learning.

Christian Jonasson, MSc. Pharm. Ph.D., Research Director

Christian Jonasson has over 25 years of relevant experience from public sector, academia and pharmaceutical industry. For more than a decade he has dedicated his work to health data utilization and RWD/E research using Norwegian and Nordic health data. This includes working as a Chief Scientific Officer in a biobank company, as a senior researcher in epidemiology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and lately as a Specialist Director Health Data at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Christian is a co-affiliated senior researcher at the K.G. Jebsen center for genetic epidemiology at NTNU.

Steinar Thoresen, MD, Ph.D. Medical Director

Steinar is a MD and pathologist by training with a PhD in breast-cancer. He has worked for more than 20 years at the Cancer Registry of Norway, also including a position as Director of The National Cancer Screening Programme. At the same time he held a position as professor ll at University of Bergen (1999-2012) and did cancer pathology diagnostic in a private lab (1984-2006). He has been visiting professor at Harvard Medical School (1990-91) and published 130 international papers on cancer epidemiology applying a range of different RWD sources in the Nordic countries. Since 2006 he has held national and international leadership R&D positions in the pharma industry.

Kristian Svendsen, MSc. Pharm. Ph.D. Pharmacoepidemiologist

Kristian is a co-affiliated associate professor at the Department of Pharmacy at the UiT – The Artic University of Norway. His research focus is centered on drug utilization patterns and drug effectiveness and safety studies across a range of different TAs (e.g. opioids and antibacterials). In ongoing projects, he explores network-based algorithms and machine learning methodology in RWD/E. He has expertise in pharmacovigilance and has experience from the European Medicines Agency working with adverse drug reaction reports.

Simon Boge Brandt, MSc in statistics, PhD. candidate, Statistician

Simon is a statistician who holds a master’s degree in statistics from the University of Oslo and is currently finishing a PhD degree at the University of Oslo. As a PhD candidate, Simon has been affiliated with the BigInsight center for research-based innovation, and his doctoral research project is a part of BigInsight’s “Personalised fraud detection” innovation objective