About us

NordicRWE is a Norwegian Real-world Evidence (RWE) start-up company that has the ambition to be at the forefront of the data-driven drug development process. By tapping into the Nordic health data with its long follow-ups, incomparable completeness and extensive linking possibilities, we are uniquely positioned to be a key player in the forthcoming evolution of the RWE supported drug R&D.  We provide crucial insight into different steps in the drug development cycle and give evidence that accelerates development, approvals and access as well as benefit/risk surveillance. The Company was established in 2020 and has a strong scientific and commercial team with long-time international experience in epidemiology, advanced analytics and innovation.

Products and offerings: Our current product is an Epi-dashboard, developed from standing cohorts of merged Real World Data for different therapeutic areas. This product has high value for the customers and is used to get new and timely insights about the patient journey, new therapeutic areas or markets, to enhance documentation for market access purposes and to guide decisions for the pipeline.

The RWE ACCELERATE project: NordicRWE was recently awarded a major public research grant from the Research Council of Norway: during the next three years we will turn the unique Nordic health data into new products and services that will accelerate the drug development process. The RWE ACCELERATE project will target two highly relevant and interesting RWE areas:

(i) constructing oncology external control arms and

(ii) advanced pharmacoepidemiology and analytics for drug signal detection in large registries.